Frequent Questions

DURAFORT is a Argentine company with more than 25 years of experience in the construction market.

It is a mixture of polyester resins and marble powder, which after a chemical / industrial process, it hardens to a degree similar to natural marble. The surface brightness of the piece is obtained by a layer of Gelcoat.

It has a greater resistance to staining, greater shine and less adherence of dirt. The sink and the countertops form a single piece, which prevents spillage and leaks. It price is much lower than the natural marble. The resin being a plastic element, once is treated it gives greater resistance to impacts and to prevent the bending of the piece. Natural marble is extremely fragile when struck or overweight.

No, we only produce kitchen countertops and laundry sinks in standard sizes.

  • Use a level to verify that the furniture / brackets are level.
  • Place the kitchen countertop or laundry sink on the furniture / bracket. Having to place a bracket every 60 cm.
  • Fit the faucet making sure not to overtighten the nuts, as they could damage the countertop.
  • Squeeze the drain with your hands, turning until it stops, then tighten with a wrench.
  • Make the water connections.
  • Apply a thin line of silicone (sealant) between the back of the counter / sink and the wall.
  • Remove excess silicone (sealant) with a damp cloth.

  1. First a hole should be made with an 8 mm wick from the back (without enamel) and following the guide points (for monocommand or cold / heat).
  2. Then from the top (enameled) to bottom, make the hole for the faucet with a cup wick, taking as reference and guide the hole made with the 8 mm wick.

No, because it is a non-porous surface, a quality provided by the Gelcoat. The Gelcoat is a product used to coat the hulls of boats, so it supports moisture and water without any problem.

No, its brightness is permanent. As it is a shiny surface, it facilitates cleaning by not easily adhering dirt.

No, for cleaning, use only soap and water, without steel sponge or abrasive materials. The gloss is permanent and can be preserved with protective BLEM type wax applied with a dry cloth.

Yes, the countertops and sinks MS, are coated by Microban, which is an additive that is added during the manufacturing process and ensures that for life wont form bacteria or fungi on the surface of the product. MS is the only brand in the market that uses Microban.
The effectiveness of Microban is not altered with cleaning products and has a permanent life.